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Ivy ref by GrayCanidae Ivy ref by GrayCanidae
Ivy is Flynn's best friend. I may actually change her name even at this point but I love her story so here goes. In elementary, middle, and high school she never really connected with anyone, never really made any true friends. She just doesn't have anything that appealing or relate able about her. Rather stupid, and introverted as she is still. She can do some real cool things with technology and computers but that's about the only thing she's good at. So here we have this deadbeat, also very insecure because of her weight and other issues, who has basically accepted friends are not for her. Well after high school she met Flynn and they're nearly polar opposites but Flynnn was really the only person she found who truly wanted to be with her and be her friend. Ivy absolutey does not smoke weed, cannot stand coffee, and does not like Flynn's type of music. But Flynn is an open guy and he can tell who needs him to be there. And they've really grown to love each other (in a friendly way. I doubt they will ever date) so yeah whoo that took a while to type. Enjoy!
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March 23, 2014
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